120 g Cod liver with onion and lemon, bread 95 Kč
350 g Big vegetable plate with chicken meat (100g braised chisken meat, garlic youghurt dressing, 250 g vegetables), 99 Kč
3 Piece Scrambled eggs, breat 39 Kč
100 g Asparagus, mam – baked with cheese, 89 Kč

0,25 l Garlic soup „Special“ (ham, cheese, croutons), 29 Kč
0,25 l Garlic soup with toasted bread (croutons), 24 Kč
0,25 l Breef broth with vermicelli, 24 Kč

Beef meat
200 g Gamekeeper’s beefsteak (with mushrooms, ketchup, cranberries, onion), 299 Kč
200 g Beefsteak with peppers (peppers, cream), 295 Kč
150 g Sirloin “Tatra“(chopped sirloin with cream, cranberries and lemon, whipped cream), 199 Kč
200 g Steak “Mill”(roast beef with garlic and Niva cheese), 165 Kč
200 g Viennese roast beef (steak from roast with fried onions), 165 Kč

Pork meat
150 g Smuggler’s steak (fried pork meat stuffed with eggs, ham and mushrooms, tartar sauce, grated cheee), 149 Kč
150 g Fried pork steak, 109 Kč
150 g Pork medallions with mushrooms and pepper sauce (slice of pork, mushrooms, cream), 119 Kč
150 g Pork steak with spinach and fried onions, 109 Kč
150 g Steak “Fořt“ (pork roast, horseradish, ham, all baked with cheese), 119 Kč

Poultry meat
150 g Chopped chicken with broccoli and niva`s sauce  (chopped chicken, broccoli, leek, cheese niva, cream), 119 Kč
150 g Fried chicken steak, 109 Kč
150 g Stuffed chicken steak (with ham and cheese niva), 119 Kč
200 g Chicken steak with mushrooms (slice of chicken, mushrooms), 139 Kč
150 g Bac-ban (chopped chicken, onion, pepper, mushrooms, soy sauce, spices), 119 Kč

Speciaties of our cuisine
200 g Mrs. Miller’s Goodness (slice of chicken baked with Swiss cheese and peaches and slice of pork baked with pineapple and Swiss cheese), 149 Kč
200 g Foxhole (pork roast, salami, chanterelle mushrooms, cream, broccoli, onion, cheese), 149 Kč
200 g Miller`s pride (chicken breast, asparagus, cheese), 159 Kč
200 g Jalapeňos (pork stuffed, cheese, jalapeňos, spicy sausage – sharp), 159 Kč
200 g Cap of water goblin “Česílko” (fried pork stuffed, ham, cheese, mushrooms), 159 Kč
200 g Brigand from mill (chopped pork, garlic, onion, chilli, sausage, cheese), 159 Kč

We prepare fish on the grill with herbs and butter. Served with with vegetables salad.
300 g Trout, 139 Kč
200 g Zander filet, 195 Kč
200 g Salmon filet, 195 Kč

Cheese and meatless meals
150 g Freied cheese, tartar sauce, 95 Kč
100 g Freied camembert, tartar sauce, 95 Kč
200 g Freied cauliflower, tartar sauce, 95 Kč

Desserts, ice cup with fruits and compotes
Ice cream sundae with fruits, 59 Kč
1 piece Pancake with surprise, 69 Kč
1 piece Pancake mit jam, 39 Kč
1 piece Strudel with whipped cream, 29 Kč
1 piece Honey cake, 39 Kč
1 piece Apple pie, 35 Kč
1 piece Cheesecake, 35 Kč
2 piece Ice cream, hot fruits, whipped cream, 59 Kč

200 g Mixed salad, 59 Kč
120 g Tomato salad, 45 Kč
120 g Cucumber salad, 45 Kč
200 g Greek salad (cucumber, pepper, tomato, onion, olives, olive oil, cheese), 79 Kč
200 g Vegetables salad with tuna (cucumber, pepper, tomato, olives, romanasalat, onion, tuna), 99 Kč
200 g Cabbage salad with horseradish, 39 Kč

Children`s menu
200 g Spaghetti, 59 Kč
100 g Fried pork steak, 59 Kč
100 g Fried chicken steak, 59 Kč
100 g Fried fish fillet, 59 Kč